The whole collection of Monterinaldi Wines gives you the best selection of wines from Radda in Chianti. We can ship our wines in many Countries all over the world.

In the "Single Bottles" category you may freely compose your order by selecting any number of bottles of any kind of wine. 

The "Special Boxes" category contains ready-to-order boxes and products not for regular sale.

The "Full cases" offer greater convenience when you buy 12 bottles (or 6 magnums) of your favorite wine. The discount amount is highlighted for each product.

In the "Gift Boxes" category are offered elegant gift boxes with different composition with wines and other products.

Our boxes are always shipped in special shockproof packages.



  • Single Bottles

    Compose your case by mixing your preferred wine and/or other products. 

    The bottles are always shipped in special shockproof packages.


    Tip: The shipment cost is calculated "per case". For your convenience, we strongly suggest to always order 6, 12, or a multiple of 12 bottles. For example, the shipment cost for 10 bottles is the same as per 12 bottles, so try to add 2 bottles in order to have a full case.

  • Special Boxes

    In this category you may find products not available for regular sale. It may include collection items, rarities, limited editions.

    Due to their particular characteristics, these products may not take advantage of special conditions and / or discounts.


    The composition of these boxes cannot be modified.

  • Full cases

    By purchasing a full case you get a reduced price compared to an assorted one.

  • Gift Boxes

    Anyone who receives one of these packs will be grateful for your thoughts. Even the cheapest package is a great gift, because you are telling the recipient "You deserve the excellence!".

    Many of these packs are available in different assortments.

    For safety reasons, gift boxes with wooden boxes can travel in separate packages (box + products). In this case it is possible that the delivery of the two packages is not contemporary.

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