Defective goods / Damaged shipping

In case of defective goods

they can be returned to Monterinaldi within 10 days from the delivery. Shipping and packing charges for the return of the delivered parcel are to be paid by the customer. The defective goods will be replaced and sent back or else refunded (in case they are sold out) at the expenses of Monterinaldi.

In case of shipping damaged

If you receive parcels from Monterinaldi visibly damaged by courier, (packing broken or visibly stained by the leakage of wine) can do as follows:

  • return the damaged parcel to the sender signing the dispatch note "With Reserve".
  • In cases where the product broken is out of stock, you will be contacted for a possible replacement.

If you will not find in our catalogue no product in replacement, then Monterinaldi will return you the sums paid. The shipping cost of the return and restitution will be borne entirely by us.