Vignaioli di Radda (winegrowers association of Radda) of which we are members, brings together 24 winemakers. We are committed to spreading the wine culture of Radda in Chianti by producing quality wines with a low impact on the environment. We are above all Sangiovese lovers of Radda and of all its different aspects.

For this reason we offer the opportunity of a sensorial journey through our hills and steep slopes straight into your homes. We have composed two different lots of 12 bottles each from 12 producers in order to let you taste the differences of Sangiovese from Radda.


For each box we sell, we will donate € 20 to the Community of Sant’Egidio. This because, as an association, we wish to play our part in the dramatic emergency of the Corona virus.


Waiting for better days, let’s drink a glass!

Apart but always together.

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